Open Source! Froide is free software and actively developed on GitHub. It's licensed under the permissive MIT license.

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Maintained! Froide 3.0 uses the popular Python Web framework Django and its ecosystem in the
most up-to-date version 1.5.

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High test coverage! Froide is continuously tested with Python 2.6 and Python 2.7 on Travis CI including in-browser testing.

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Powered by German Engineering. Battle proven.

Froide has been in active deployment for over two years and powers and - the German and Austrian FOI site. Its development language is English and it is fully internationlized.

Because it is built with latest Bootstrap it comes with a responsive design and is easily themeable. Berlin

Many laws, jurisdictions, entities. Keep growing.

You can start small and scale up to many jurisdiction and laws. Public Bodies can be easily imported and exported via the admin interface so your campaigns never lose pace.

All the features you need. Switch them off in case you don't.

You need your users to send their name and keep it private? You get postal replies and need to redact PDFs? You are not allowed to publish documents and need to start a campaign? Froide has your back.

Integrate your community. Delegate tasks.

With the Django admin interface you control every single piece of data.
It comes with user roles and permissions so you only have to give your staff the access they need.

Sounds good?

Then let's go!

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